Roz McCarthy Founder/CEO

Integrate Black Buddha into your lifestyle by embracing daily mantras, meditation, and self healing. Cannabis is medicine and we must show the world unapologetically that we are here to stay. We are environmentally sustainable, and social impact driven Cannabis brand. What does that mean? It means we f@$&ing CARE!

We are focused on creating products that reducing our carbon footprint while also making a positive impact on society in general. We're proud to be partner with Minorities for Medical Marijuana' s expungement program "Project Clean Slate”. This program provides support to individuals who Are in need of expungement services to remove marijuana, arrest, and incarceration chargers from their record. Buying Black Buddha swag really means something. You are helping us to make a real difference in the lives of people in need. Also It means you believe in the power of cannabis and are confident enough to rock it for all to see.